Tree Lady Talks

The AA Conference 2022

September 30, 2022 The Tree Lady Season 3 Episode 5
Tree Lady Talks
The AA Conference 2022
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This years conference was held at Loughborough, and the podcast contains contributions from Jill Butler, Ted Green, Russell Horsey, Keith Sacre and more, in roving interview style by The Tree Lady, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby.  See more about getting involved in the industry at the arboricultural association website

Also interviewed was Mark Brays, Oklahoma Forestry Service Officer, describes the Survivor Tree after the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

John Gathright from Japan talked about his work helping children climb trees - more here at his website.

Russell Ball discussed his work for Fund For Trees

This podcast is also available on our Youtube Channel, SHA Sharon Hosegood Associates

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John Heuch
Calke Abbey
Ted Green
Jill Butler
The Three Amigos - Rogers, Sacre & Horsey
Mark, Beesmax
John Gathright
Mark Bays, The Survivor Tree
Russell Ball, Fund for Trees